Work is important as it provides us with income that enables us to support our needs. Work can also be a form of accomplishment. The standard working hour is 7-8 hours per day,  5 days a week. However, mounting workloads lead employees to work more than the regular hours or known as overtime. Though necessary at times, you should not overdo it. It’s bad for your mind and health. You may not feel the effects now, but they will catch up with you and you’ll realise that too much overtime is not the right way to work.

Before it’s too late, familirise yourself with the following indicators that tell you to stop working overtime.

Start Feeling Depressed and Stressed

Some works require the ability to remain tough under pressure. It’s common to feel the pressure when the workload it’s new to you. Ideally, you should feel less pressured as you have been accustomed to it with time. As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” Clearly, feeling just as stressed or even more stressed compared to when you start working, meanns that something is definitely wrong with your work.Overtime is one of them. Overtime to meet deadline cause higher stress level that other equally important priorities are overlooked. Stress or accumulated stress is characterized by anxiety, panic, unfocused, and racing thoughts. When they strike, it’s time for you to step back from the habit of working after hours.

Poor Sleep Quality

Sleep is an everyday need. Enough sleep helps to relieve exhaustion from working all day. We need 6-8 hours of sleep everyday. You know you have quality sleep when you wake up with a fresh and clear mind as well as excitement. People who work overtime risking losing sleep and will develop symptoms such as feeling sick, dizzy, weak, and drowsy. Those symptoms are also indicators of poor sleep quality. Remember that health is wealth! Even more income can’t be equated with good health. Make a priority to take care of your body regardless of how crazy your workload is. If overtime has taken too much of your time to the point of taking up your sleep, you better end it now!

Reduced Vision

The ability to see is God’s gift that needs to be properly maintained. Unfortunately, some people have to wear glasses due to reduced vision. Be grateful if your eyes are perfectly fine without glasses. The cause of this problem not only lies on genetics or other health problems, but also poor daily habit. For instance, incorrect viewing angles, staring at computer screen or one object for hours such as staring straight while driving for long hours. Overtime work also has the potential to reduce your vision. Know that seeing without glasses is much more satisfying than with glasses. In addition, your expense will increase as you have to maintain regular care of the glasses.

Risk of Dementia

Dementia is a condition of deteriorating memory, reasoning ability, and vocabularies that usually occur in old age. But, this might happen sooner along with increasing working hours. Studies have shown that a workaholic has a risk of developing dementia at a younger age. Doesn’t it sound terrifying? Of couse you want to avoid it. Try to examine your working hours, reasoning, memory and perception. If they are not what they used to be, be more careful and consult the doctor. First things first, stop working overtime.

No “Me Time”

Time is valuable and so do you. It is necessary for you to relax, to have the time for yourself without any agenda in mind, not just on the weekend, but also everyday. Surveys show that those who often work extra hours don’t have time to take care of themselves.  As a result, they look unattractive, messy, and seemingly disorganized, or even worse, get sick because of the unhealthy lifestyle such by eating late, rarely exercising, and stress accumulation. Make “me time” as your habit from now on! There’s nothing wrong with occassional overtime but it should remain occassional. Too much of something is not a good thing. Love yourself regardless!

Do everything according to your limit. Don’t break it! If your current work cause you to start feeling the symptoms, consider to find a new job through Urbanhire. Don’t forget to complete your Urbanhire profile so the company you apply at can get a full info about you.

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