Our wider work in English

British Council Indonesia Foundation works to improve the teaching and learning of English in Indonesia. We offer support for education policy change, high-quality training and mentoring programmes for teachers, and resources for learners through print, TV, radio and digital media.

Working with partners, we adapt British Council resources and use our educational expertise to ensure that products and systems developed take root and lead to deep and lasting change.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

We work with national and international organisations to support their CSR programmes. We offer opportunities to contribute to long-term sustainable development in education through our programmes, and provide personal development for employees through the chance to make a real difference by volunteering.

Our current partners include HSBC, Prudential, Diageo and G Resources. Please see Our Work with Schools for details of the projects, and contact us if you are interested in partnership opportunities.

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Our work in higher education

Indonesian universities are increasingly looking to internationalise. There are more opportunities for creating links with institutions in other countries, more scholarships to study abroad, more people wanting to publish research in international journals and more reasons for students to become global citizens than ever before. For many universities, a major barrier to success in these areas is the need for English. We provide support through policy work, training and curriculum development.