Five Tips for A Successful Job Interview

by Jakarta Teaching Centre team

For most, job interviews can be rather intimidating.  But don’t fret just yet, here are a few tips that can help you:

 1.     Make a good impression!

It only takes 2 seconds for people to size you up and decide whether or not they like you. Being nervous is fine, but you also have to show them you’re confident that you can do the job they are advertising for. Be polite, thank them for inviting you in for the interview and look confident! Also, don’t use overly complicated words or jargon to impress your interviewers; they can see right through that.

 2.     Be honest, but keep your answers relevant

In high pressure situations, there is opportunity for us to start to ramble and go off topic. Especially when asked to describe your achievements, hobbies or interests, it is natural for you to be excited and share over share. But remember why you’re in that interview! You’re here for a job! So make sure what you say is related back to the job at hand!

For instance, speaking more than one language is almost always a desirable trait in a potential employee, so if you have more than one language under your belt, mention it, but relate it to your work!

 3.     Don’t go to an interview focusing on what you should avoid

The mind is a powerful thing. Focusing on what you should say, instead of what you should avoid saying, will make your brain retain the information on ‘what you should say’ instead.

 4.     Ask questions!

It’s common for the interview panel to elicit questions from the interviewees. Good questions are often seen as the hallmark of a good candidate, so make sure you listen to the interviewers and ask relevant questions to find out more about things like the team you’ll be working with or any of the specific duties your role might have.

 5.     Don’t be afraid to use your networks

Being well-connected will always be beneficial for you, be it for now, or in the long run. If you have a wide-reaching professional network, great, make sure to use it if you plan to land a new job. If you don’t, create an attractive profile on LinkedIn, Jobstreet, or other job seeking sites, and apply. You can even slide a direct message to the decision makers of a company on LinkedIn and introduce yourself and give brief information why you are messaging him/her. Sure, you probably won’t get a reply, but there’s no harm in trying. Like my mother used to say, you miss all the shots you don’t take.