What to do after college? Many people get confused, pressured, and stressed out trying to find the answer. Not all fresh graduates can get a job right away, especially if they come from small universities. In this case, securing a job may require a lot of hardwork. While some people may choose to wait patiently – and endlessly – for recruitment batches to open, there actually are ways that you can do to proactively secure jobs after college. What are those? Let’s a take a look at the list below.

1. Prepare the best CV

Learn to make an appealing and convincing application letter, and prepare them in large quantities to be distributed to different companies you are aming for. Don’t underestimate the power of appealing documents as they are the companies’ first impression on you.

2. Follow social media accounts for job vacancies and hiring in your regions

Today, people don’t have to buy newspapers to look for job vacancies. There are many websites and social media accounts such as on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter that provide daily job vacancy information. Keep checking them to find the most suitable ones for you.

3. Attend job fair

If you’re looking for major job opportunities in big companies after college, don’t forget to stop by at different job fairs that are usually held regularly by local governments in malls, government buildings, and other places. Get job fair info easily through social media.

4. Reach out to senior alumni

Keep in touch with your seniors after college. While in college, network with people who may help you with job opportunities. Seniors typically have information regading job potentials and opportunities suitable for you. Or, they might even have interesting opportunities.

5. Prep your internet profile

Prep your social media profile, email, or blog. Undoubtedly, a company will check a candidate’s virtual profile before deciding whether or not the candidate will be recruited. Think about what you post; appear intelligent and appealing enough to convince your future employers.

6. Pick up certain skills

While waiting for the news on your applications, prepare yourself by picking up a certain skill. Even if you are not hired in the end, you can still do something with it. Or, the skill you learn may lead you to become an entrepreneur – who knows! You never know where fate will take you. Instead of being burdened by family and peer pressure on your plan after college, keep yourself busy by acquiring new skills.

Life after college doesn’t need to be disorientating. Stay positive and believe that if you have good qualities, persevering, and hopeful, there are companies out there waiting to recruit you. Your blessing is only a prayer and effort away.

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