English Presentation

Since the beginning of globalization era, many multinational companies have opened their businesses in Indonesia. Various multinational companies enter Indonesia due to the number of vast economic  opportunities. Entering new markets requires business presentations. Therefore, good English becomes a necessity in the workplace. It is not easy to do presentations in English. It requires skill; however, it does not mean that someone can’t learn how to do a good presentation in English. It is important to know how to do a good presentation.

There are a few points  how to give a good presentation. Before starting the presentation, you need to note down important points. Use simple sentences or key words to explain your ideas. When you do presentations, make sure that you speak with the right intonation and volume. You need to make a short pause when you talk after giving an idea. You need to avoid from speaking too fast because it might create difficulty for your clients or colleagues to understand your ideas. Do not forget to keep eye contact during presentations with your clients or colleagues when you talk to them. It is important to have continuous practice to give a good presentation. If possible, you need to record the presentation practice session, ask your colleagues to listen and give inputs. Do not forget to keep calm and confident when you do a presentation.

How about giving the presentation in English? Apart from doing the tips above, there are several things that you need to learn when you do the presentation in English. Firstly, before starting the presentation, you need to deliver your presentation topics with opening sentences such as:

Today, I’m going to talk about…, The Main Focus of this presentation is….

Secondly, arrange your presentation in order and use conjunctions to connect one idea to another idea, such as:

Firstly, Secondly, Next, Finally, in conclusion…,

Lastly, use common expressions for making contrasts in English, to emphasize two different points such as:

However, On the other hand, on the contrary…,

Good luck!


Published in Koran Sindo newspaper, 16 May 2016