How long have you been working? 5 years? Or, has it been two decades? If your answer is the latter, or around that period, you should ideally have a very good position by now. Unfortunately, it is quite common for long-time employees not being rewarded with any promotion, much less an increase of salary and allowance. 

The fact is, a job promotion may not happen every year. To be promoted as a manager could even be difficult, especially in smaller companies. Plenty of employees are unhappy with this situation and decide to resign despite the fact that when they move to a new company, they might not necessarily sit in the position of their dream. Those who get a promotion must have been considered ready to assume bigger responsibilities.

In principle, a promotion is a proud accomplishment even when this applies only for those who have passed a variety of ‘tests’. Let’s take a look at three ways, which may find surprising, to help you get that managerial promotion.

1. Ease your boss’ tasks

This does not mean that you should be a doormat. This simply means showing how reliable you are by taking on some of your boss’ responsibilities. FYI, there are employees who refuse to assume more responsibilities for fear of being seen as currying favors. From now own, be confident enough in assuming your boss responsibilities and demonstrate yourself as a reliable, trustworthy person.

2. Strengthen team work 

Have you ever watched a football match where a striker of the team dribbles the ball on his own in order to be the one who scores? This is not the type of person who will get a promotion as a manager. A manager is a team player, and a person most likely to get that promotion is the one who helps the team working better and achieving their target. So, stop standing out at the expense of your team mates. Also, many employees are reluctant to share tasks with new employees for fear of being overshadowed. Stay away from this habit if you want the opportunity of being promoted to manager. 

3. Expand Your Knowledge 

Regardless of the years of working, we should never think we’ven seen all and known all.  Innovation is created everyday. Without expanding our knowledge and insights, we will be less innovative than fresh-off-college new employees or employees who have been working in other companies. Today, it isn’t just about knowledge but also creativity. 

So, getting a chance of promotion is not that difficult. The tips, as we provide above, are simple although perhaps frequently overlooked by most employees – especially those who have been on their jobs for over a decade. Check and apply for your dream jobs only on Urbanhire. Complete your Urbanhire profile by listing your work experiences. 

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