Check out these useful and immersive online resources to practice and further develop your English skills!

With the internet literally at our fingertips, learning English has never been so easy. The vast range of websites and even mobile applications dedicated to the English language, both geared to students and teachers, give us the chance to practice our skills outside the classroom or quickly search for the answer to a grammar/vocabulary question.

Here are four resource sites and apps that will surely help you improve your skills and understanding of the English language:

British Council Learn English

As experts in teaching English with more than 80 years of influence in education, the British Council has transferred its vast experience and knowledge onto the internet. At, which is more geared toward adults, you’ll find guidance on situational conversations, email and report writing, IELTS, reading and much more. 

Meanwhile, is connected to the British Council Indonesia Foundation and offers a rich learning experience for children, teens and adults. The site features tips and resources using articles, videos, listening exercises, games and even applications.

This is a great and handy application to have on your tablet or smartphone. Not only does have a treasure trove of English words, it also includes a thesaurus, interesting and helpful words of the day, “slideshows” on situation-based vocabulary and phrases, and an audio feature that allows you to listen to correct pronunciations. Available on both Android and iOS, the app is free, but premium versions – which include idioms, a science dictionary and slang dictionary and more – are on offer for a price.

With the internet literally at our fingertips, learning English has never been so easy. 

Grammar Girl

The Grammar Girl is Mignon Fogarty, who first came into the public spotlight a decade ago as a leading grammar expert. Her website,, has since then grown from a go-to source for basic grammar rules to an extensive reserve of information on spelling, etymology and a vast range of tips on various subjects. However, because of this expansion, Grammar Girl is more suitable for learners who have reached the intermediate level of English or above. Still, Grammar Girl is a great resource to challenge your skills.