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Five Learning Resources to Get You Started

 by Jakarta Teaching Centre team

1. Grammarly

You know what’s annoying? Making silly grammar or spelling mistakes in your emails and only realizing after you’ve sent it. Grammarly is a service that plugs into your browser that can help you with that. The free version corrects simple mistakes and is a great free resource to start practicing your English writing skills. The paid version even catches more complex grammatical and stylistic errors.

2. Quizlet

You know what’s even more annoying? Learning a new word and then forgetting it two days later. With the Quizlet website or app, you can record all the new words and phrases you learn and keep it in a virtual vocabulary notebook. Not only does it help you with writing definitions, it also has a variety of different games and learning modes that can keep you engaged for longer.

3. EnglishScore

EnglishScore app is expertly designed to help you predict your current English level. Your EnglishScore is also aligned to CEFR and IELTS to help you get a picture about your current English language ability. This app can also serve as a placement test if you wish to enrol in our English course. Simply show a screenshot of your result to your consultant upon registration and you will be placed in the level suitable for you.

Check out this link to try EnglishScore out: EnglishScore – take a free English test | British Council 

4. Duolingo

Duolingo is a great all-rounder for language learners. Throughout the years, they’ve updated their learning methods, and it only gets better and better. You can set your own daily goals and sends reminders for you to keep practicing every day. Duolingo is available in both web and mobile app versions, and is free to use (with ads).

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