No matter where you’re planning to travel, a couple of English phrases will always come in handy. Consider your trip as an opportunity to practise your language skills! With 400 million speakers, chances are that someone will understand you. Bear in mind these questions that should be useful in most circumstances.

1. How much does the magazine cost? Whether you’re at the airport planning to buy magazine or snacks, or at a tourist spot about to buy souvenirs, asking for how much it would cost you is very important. Replace the word magazine with the word you might want to buy.

2. What time is it? Time zones can be confusing, so we recommend you to ask this question if you don’t miss your flight or your train ride!

3. How do I get to the park from here? When maps and smartphone apps fail to help you, asking a local for directions will always be a good option. Be sure to remember the directions (left, right, straight ahead). Don’t forget to note the landmarks! Do you turn left after the train station? Is it straight ahead or right next to the statue?

4. Where is the bank? If you’re looking for a bank, a restaurant or a hospital nearby, this question will surely be useful. Just replace the word with the place you are looking for!

5. Do you accept debit/credit cards? If you use a debit or credit card during your trips, it’s wise to ask this question before dining in a restaurant or purchasing souvenirs. Better have extra cash ready just in case!

6. Do you sell any maps here? If you’re looking for a specific item, this should be your go-to question.

7. Is this the line for the 7.30 PM bus? Don’t wait for thirty minutes only to find out you’re in the wrong line. Ask this question just to be sure!

8. Can you please take a picture of me? The most important souvenir any tourist or traveller can have is a selfie—and sometimes, you just have to ask someone to take this for you. Remember to say please and smile!

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