Here are some speaking, vocabulary, writing, grammar and reading tips for you to improve your English anytime.

Speaking Tips

  • Watch a native English speaker’s mouth on television. Note what shapes they make and try to copy them. Listen out for characteristic 'English' sounds and copy them too. What noises do they make when they are thinking? How do they take turns to speak? What happens to their voices when they get angry or embarrassed? Do they only smile in certain situations or with certain people? All these things are just as important as the words they use.
  • Ask yourself: How would I say that in English? How could I explain that idea to an English speaker?
  • Meet regularly to talk in English. If you are preparing for an oral exam/interview, ask one friend to practise the interview with you and another to listen and give you constructive feedback on your performance. Then swap roles. Keep your conversations on topics you are familiar with. If you don’t know what to say, change the subject or keep quiet until you feel you can contribute easily again.
  • Take a card and speak about the topic for two minutes. Record yourself and then listen, checking for things you could improve. Next time you take the same card, can you speak more confidently?