Do you want qualifications that can open doors around the world? 

IGCSEs are the world’s most popular international qualifications for 14 to 16 year olds. They are your gateway to higher education or professional studies in your home country or overseas and can help you:

  • get a place at college or university at home or abroad
  • find better career opportunities
  • pass the language tests for emigrating or studying in another country
  • develop skills that help you lead a more exciting and successful life 

The British Council helps more than two million people take international exams every year. 


What to expect

The British Council makes the whole exam process more straightforward. Here are some things you should know about IGCSEs.

The course

IGCSEs usually take two years to complete. Assessment ranges from written to oral tests, as well as practical exams and coursework.

Choosing subjects

You can choose from more than 70 different subjects – from maths to English. Available subjects vary depending on your school, country and chosen exam board.

Exam boards

Exams are offered through Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). Your school may already use a particular board.

Please note: if you take an exam with CAIE, you will be studying for an IGCSE. 

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Ability range

The IGCSE core curriculum is suitable for students who expect to achieve grades C to G. An extended curriculum offers more challenging content for students aiming for grades A* to C.

Grades and marking

Your results are assessed using internationally-recognised A* to G grades. The exam papers are all marked centrally in the UK.

When will you get your results? 

Results will be available for collection at British Council Indonesia Foundation office or sent via courier service at your request..

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What next?

An IGCSE can be your first step toward further education, such A- and AS-levels or even university placements.

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IGCSEs give you the freedom to choose a course of study that is right for you. Your chosen subjects should fit with your career goals or plans for further education. To find out which subjects are available for registration, download the application form below.

You can find out about the syllabuses from the Cambridge Assessment International Education website.