IELTS Prize Winner 2015
IELTS Prize 2015 Winners (from top to bottom: Aisha Marzuki, Arum Ratri Hapsari)

The award ceremony of the British Council IELTS Prize 2015 was held on 12 August 2015 at British Council office in Jakarta. The winners are talented students who have incredible potentials. The applicants of the Prizes were assessed based on criteria, such as IELTS test scores, their personal statement, and the result of interview with the senior staff of Yayasan Dewan Inggris Indonesia. The Prizes were presented by Summer Xia, Acting Country Director of British Council Indonesia.

Congratulation to the winners, we hope they can inspire young generation in Indonesia to achieve education and career dreams!

Aisha Marzuki (Jakarta)

University of The Arts London, UK, majoring in Innovation Management

"I have always been fascinated by the United Kingdom, from the industrial revolutions to red double-decker buses, tea traditions to the Royal family, and everything else in between. To learn about the culture first-hand and given the opportunity to pursue higher study in the UK is definitely a great honor and life-changing experience for me. For this reasons, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Yayasan Dewan Inggris Indonesia for selecting me as recipient of the IELTS Prize. I am able to achieve my childhood dream of studying and living abroad." 

Edbert Livia (Medan)

University of Canterbury, New Zealand, majoring in Civil Engineering

"It is an honor to win the Prize and it has boosted my confidence in speaking English with other people. The Prize has motivated me to continue studying in New Zealand, experience all the things happening around the neighborhood, and hopefully I can be a good Civil Engineer in the future. Then, I can fulfil my dream to provide homes for people in need of shelter, build sturdy houses to fight against all disaster, and make comfortable houses for people." 

Arum Ratri Hapsari (Jakarta)

Delft University of Technology, Netherland, majoring in Water Management

"Study abroad is one of my biggest life goals. Ever since I was young, I always study hard and take every school related matter very seriously. Even though I had no chance to take official English course, I push myself to get familiar with English language. I watch British movies without subtitle, read a lot of English literature and listen to British pop songs. I prepare myself so hard academically. Luckily, Yayasan Dewan Inggris Indonesia has given me the chance to compete for IELTS prize and I won it. Now, I’ll be able to fulfil one of my biggest life goals. Thank you!" 

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