About this course

This very stimulating workshop introduces the skills required to take part in successful negotiations. It introduces a systematic approach to preparing and conducting negotiations at all levels.

Who should attend?

Managers, executives, buyers, procurement officers and other staff who negotiate


  • Feel more confident when negotiating
  • Positively influence the outcomes of your negotiations
  • Achieve win-win outcomes in negotiations

Learning Objectives

  • Apply a systematic approach to preparing for a negotiation
  • Learn how to avoid common negotiating mistakes
  • Practice putting your views across in non-confrontational ways

Introduction and overview

  • What is negotiation?
  • When is negotiation a good idea?
  • The four elements of an effective negotiation

Element one: interests

  • Underlying reasons for conflict
  • Analysing wants and needs - generating options
  • A difficult situation from your workplace

Element two: options

  • Generating and evaluating possible options
  • Identifying your ideal outcome
  • Common errors when generating options

Element three: criteria for fairness

  • Establishing and agreeing criteria
  • Common pitfalls when evaluating fairness

Element four: criteria for fairness

  • What to consider when closing a deal
  • Ways to close a deal successfully

A Framework for the Negotiation Process


Date 27 - 28 March 2019
Time 09.00 - 17.00
Venue Jakarta
Price IDR3,000,000