Worried about not getting your targetted IELTS test score? Or are you clueless on how to start preparing for your IELTS test? Don't worry, British Council will help you. Prepare early and prepare with British Council, the world's English expert.

Introducing myClass Online IELTS Preparation is a British Council course offering complete learning experience to prepare learners taking the Academic IELTS  (International English Language Testing System) test. myClass IELTS Preparation includes mastery in English language skills, IELTS Test Format, IELTS strategies, IELTS Practice and Personal Feedback to help you be more confident when taking your IELTS test.

Who is this course for?

This course is for any students looking to improve their academic performance for the IELTS test. 

What does the course cover?

You will learn to develop your English skills, IELTS test format, as well as how to develop effective test strategies and practise doing sample IELTS tasks. Additionally our teaching team will provide you with personalised feedback throughout the course on how to boost your IELTS performance.

Prepare your IELTS test as early as possible and prepare it with British Council the world's English expert.

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Course overview for each skill

Course overview for each skill:


  • Full practise with question types for Sections 1 to 4
  • Form completion, sentence completion, summary completion, flowchart completion,
  • Short answer, and multiple choice questions
  • Language covered includes compound nouns, words with similar sounds, vocabulary for education, and linking expressions
  • Topics include joining a club, living on a budget, education, and study trips 


  • Full practice for parts 1 to 3
  • Giving extended and more detailed answers
  • Identifying question types and increasing grammatical knowledge
  • Improving pronunciation and avoiding breakdowns in speech
  • Topics include study and work, media, education, leisure time, gifts, and travel 


  • A range of texts and question types such as flowchart completion, multiple choice, true/false/not given, heading matching, sentence completion, summary completion, and categorisation
  • Language areas include language for science, numerical terminology, words with similar meaning, and compound words
  • Topics include scientific discovery, population change, public art, and economic resources 


  • Full practice for Tasks 1 and 2
  • Sub-skills include writing introductions and overviews, categorising data, following instructions, brainstorming and planning, and structuring paragraphs
  • Topics include shopping, household budgets, advertising, international relations, and the world of work 

Our Teaching Team

myClass IELTS Preparation is run by a team of internationally certified teachers whom will assist you improving your overall language skills, understanding the test format, learning IELTS strategies such as time management, analysing questions, identifying keywords and issues, and scanning skills. 

Personal Feedback

Your learning progress is our priority, therefore through myClass IELTS Preparation we strive to deliver high-quality learning experience and provide individual personal feedback with recommendations on how You could improve your English and IELTS test skills better. You will receive this individual personal feedback every tenth (10th) lessons from our teaching team through the myClass mobile application.

Price and Course Format

  • Program duration: 30 - 90 hours
  • Course fee starting from 1.9 mio/month*
  • Flexible schedule from Monday - Sunday 
  • Including an access to IELTS preparation application


*terms & conditions apply

Course Schedule

Contact us via Whatsapp at 0877 5008 2308 for the nearest available schedule.