What is MyClub?

MyClub is a free active social programme that gives you an extra opportunity to practise your English outside of the classroom environment. MyClass students can attend MyClub activities for free. 

Each month there are a wide range of language-based, cultural and social events which can help you practise your English in a friendly, inclusive, and stimulating environment, and give you the chance to meet new friends and interact with British Council teachers.

Why not try one of our events and experience how enjoyable and rewarding learning English can be? All events are free of charge so come along, practise your English, meet new people, and start your learning journey with us.

Why should you attend MyClub events? 


Practice makes perfect, and MyClub gives you more opportunities to practice your English. Regular MyClub participants say they make rapid progress in their English. 


There is a MyClub activity to suit everyone. From music to photography, travel to drama, you can develop your English with topics that interest you. 


Come to MyClub and try something new. Fresh opportunities and experiences are waiting for you. We might even help you see the world from a new perspective.


Do you want to broaden your social circle and make new friends? Through MyClub you can meet friendly people with similar interests and goals as you. Come and expand your social network and develop your confidence with new friends from different countries and backgrounds.


Are you bored of being stuck in a stuffy classroom? Break out and discover how improving your English can be fun.