Lower Primary years are foundational to a child’s overall academic success. From Primary 1, children will begin to grow in confidence as readers, in speaking and writing, and in listening and comprehension. As they pass through each learning stage, they will progress at different paces, sometimes requiring additional support and attention to help them stay engaged. Here are some of the reasons why you might consider primary English tuition for your child.

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It improves all-round academic performance

Tuition in English can help your child make significant strides at school. Being able to read is key in all subjects, as is the ability to listen and communicate to teachers when they need help. 

A good tutor will nurture your child’s holistic development as well as their language skills, encouraging them to take pride in their work and think creatively to solve problems. It goes without saying that children need to be challenged in order to progress in any area, but they also need to connect with learning as a positive and rewarding experience.

It’s an opportunity to learn outside of the classroom

If your child is struggling with the transition to Lower Primary, it may be that some extra support away from the classroom environment could make all the difference. English tuition allows children to learn in smaller class sizes, providing them with access to more personalised teaching methods and individual attention. Some children may find a tuition centre a less daunting environment than a school, helping them to cope more easily with the step up in expectations.

It builds confidence

Primary English tuition can help tremendously in building a child’s confidence. They will become more able to express themselves verbally in front of their peers and adults, from reading aloud to presenting ideas, sharing their opinions and asking questions. As they progress in English, this boost to their confidence will help them to thrive in social interactions as well as in their school work.

Learn more about our English courses for kids and teens