Exams Invigilator - Indonesia

  • To maintain the proper conduct of examinations (primarily computer-based) in accordance with exam board standards.
  • To ensure that examinations administered by the British Council run smoothly, and that all assigned test-day duties and standards are met. 


Location Indonesia
Salary Hourly paid - IDR 70,000 - 100,000 per hour
Duration 1 year contract - Renewable
Closing date Friday, 10 January 2020

Role overview

You will be accountable for maintaining the integrity and reputation of the British Council and the various examination boards by ensuring that exams are delivered to prescribed standards for security, administration and the customer experience.


  • Be familiar with the relevant exam boards’ standards and procedures and ensure that the exam is administered accordingly.
  •  Ensure the venue is properly set up and any required equipment (computers, lights, etc.) is functioning correctly before the exam starts.
  • Be familiar with the emergency procedures for the test venue.
  • Conduct candidate entry, exit, identity checks and test day photography procedures according to exam board requirements.
  • Actively monitor candidates during tests to make sure that there is no violation of test conditions.
  • Ensure all exam materials are accounted for and handed over securely to the staff in charge.
  • Complete and maintain accurate records of exam assignments. Complete all reports, logs and claims accurately as required.
  • Follow all relevant guidelines and policies in the areas of: Data Protection, Child Protection, Health & Safety, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and Anti-Fraud.
  • Report any incidents, emergencies or breaches of security to the appropriate staff in charge.
  • Work with British Council staff and other invigilators to ensure and promote the well-being of candidates at all times.



  • Provide candidates with clear instructions and answer their enquiries accurately. 
  • Ensure special arrangements are provided as required.


  • Attend all relevant briefing and training sessions.
  •  Complete all mandatory online training modules, eg. Child Protection, Health & Safety.


  • Able to commit to at least 3 weekdays of work per week, with each session lasting up to 5 hours. In addition, flexibility to work beyond the agreed work schedule is desirable. 
  •  Able to handle computer-based examinations independently. This includes the ability to troubleshoot and to solve common hardware or software issues that occur on test day. 
  • Willing to invigilate at offsite locations such as special schools.
  • Able to treat all test takers – who will be from varying walks of life – with firmness, courtesy and professionalism.
  • Willing to wear a uniform while carrying out duties.


How to apply


To apply, please read the Role Profile and send the completed Application Form to asep.kurniawan@britishcouncil.or.id