Would you like to be more confident in communicating with English at work but are too busy to improve your English skills?


Introducing myClass Business English, an English class for professionals taught by an internationally certified teaching team. The class includes a wide variety of business topics to which you can apply instantly at work, enabling you to learn with a flexible schedule with a simple online booking system



myClass Business English is run 100 percent face-to-face with internationally certified teachers  whom will assist you in activating the English language you already have, and building upon it. In your myClass Business English learning journey, you will take an active role in every lesson and engage in practical work-life tasks. You will be able to use what you have learnt to communicate effectively and reach your goals with confidence at work. 



Your learning progress is our priority, therefore we strive to deliver a high-quality learning experience and provide individual personal feedback with recommendations on how You could improve your English skills better. You will receive this individual personal feedback every tenth (10th) lesson from our teaching team through the myClass mobile application.



myClass Business English classes are workplace topic based which You can apply immediately at work. Examples of topics around the workplace are "Opinions in meetings", "Presenting an acton plan", and "Effective Negotiation". To further expand Your learning horizon, myClass Business English also provides a wide range of topics based on social, academic and cultural themes.



No matter how busy You are, here at the British Council You will have the opportunity to consistently improve Your English skills. Because You will be given the freedom to select the day, time, teacher and topic based on Your preference. To reserve a class, You can make a booking through the myClass mobile application anytime, anywhere.

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Course Schedule and Format

  • Classes available seven days a week, from morning till evening.
  • You can choose the lesson day and time that best suits your schedule.
  • Every lesson uses original British Council learning materials.
  • Each lesson is 100% face-to-face with a professional teacher and 1 lesson lasts for 1.5 hours.
  • It takes 60 lessons to complete a level.
  • Individual feedback every tenth (10th) lesson

Learning topics

Your lessons focus on applicable workplace, topics that are practical and useful. Our topics focus on:

  •  Workplace English
  1. Building your career (Applying for a job, interview experience, Finding the right career, Job Review)
  2. Communicate with confidence (Opinions in Meetings, Presenting an action plan,Effective negotiation)
  3. Business writing (Responding to a complaints, Writing a complainst, Writing about a process)
  4. Presenting ideas confidently and effectively (Presenting a project, Presenting opinion, Presention information formally)

Should you wish to also develop more of Your everyday English skills or planning to study abroad, You can enjoy our other topics outside from workplace English such as Social English, Cultural and Academic English, Grammar and Writing and IELTS preparation.

  • Social English: Become an active participant in any conversation, whatever the topic. Learn the essential language and communication skills to feel more confident talking to and understanding your colleagues and friends.
  • Cultural and Academic English: Develop your knowledge and understanding of English for use in overseas study contexts, exploring both essential academic language, and the knowledge of British culture needed to participate successfully in everyday life.
  • Grammar and writing: Improve your accuracy  and your writing capabilities with more grammar and writing focused classes.
  • IELTS preparation: Learn all four skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking skills), test strategies, personal feedback and IELTS practise


Course fee

Now you can start your English learning journey with the world’s experts at the British Council, starting from Rp 1.9 mio/month!* 

*Terms and Conditions apply

Course Levels

We will help to identify your current English level and advise the best way to help achieve your learning goal.

Our available levels:

  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper-Intermediate

Our teaching centre is a wonderful environment to learn in. The latest technologies, such as interactive whiteboards, allow teachers to use a range of methods that make lessons meaningful and enjoyable. Our centre meets the highest standards for students' safety and accessibility with its location in a shopping mall. 

Come visit us at :

Lotte Shopping Avenue, 4F – 25 & 26

Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav 3 & 5 Karet Kuningan, Setiabudi, 12940 Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta

Telephone number
+62 (21) 298894 23 / 24 / 25
WhatsApp number 0877 5008 2308 (Text only)